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Why study in France?

France which is termed as the city of lights can be your destination for higher studies with Edudreams. In this city you may find a wide range of universities with diverse courses starting from medical and covering engineering, law, finance, music, cinematography and much more. You can also find a higher difference in the tuition fees depending on the college you choose. It low fees in public universities while if you choose private colleges then it may charge higher. Although France is renowned for putting a great founding of excellent scientist, doctors, engineers and so on.


Universities in France:

It is a well known fact that France has got excellence in term of education delivery. All the top 20 universities of France hold a ranking in top 500 universities of this world. And the top 4 universities of France is counted in top 100 ranking of worldwide universities. The quality of education can be measure with this ranking statistic. Some of the well-known France universities include INSEAD, University of Paris, University of Strasbourg, École Normale Supérieure, Paris, École Polytechnique and Pierre and Marie Curie University.

Popular courses for studying in Australia

Popular courses for studying in France:          

Along with the medical, engineering, management, finance courses, France has a great contribution in creative educational stream, such as Telecommunications, Banking, trading, Transport, Tourism and so on. It has also given proven results in agriculture and manufacturing field. Few other courses that are chosen by students for a distinct future are Pharmacology, Sociology, Geography, Linguistics and many more.

Emerging Sectors

Emerging Sectors:

Number of different work sectors is emerging these days, and France has an updated educational system to offer you the best knowledge. Some of the most chosen courses in France are medical, engineering, management, finance, Telecommunications, Banking, trading, Transport, Tourism and many more. Universities of France keeping a long term goal, focus on the series of emerging sectors which will surely provide you an accomplished career.

Education costs in Australia

Education costs in France:

Tuition fees in France widely depend on the level of education and type of university you have selected. Bachelor programs in a public university may range around 190 EUR per year. Engineering degrees have higher tuition fees of around 620 EUR per academic year, medicine studies can lead to 450 EUR per year, and for masters it may range up to 260 EUR/year. Other than that you will have expense of living cost. Different cities have different budget ranging from least 600 EUR till 1200 EUR.

scholarship to study

Scholarships to study in France:

Are you seeking for a France educational scholarship? Then you must first gather information about the admissions going on in a year. Basically admissions are done twice in a year, majority in the month of February & July and minor in September & November. For scholarship our experts recommend to begin your application procedure 8-9 months prior. The deadlines of scholarship vary from university to university depending on their norms.

Australia admissions process

France admissions process:

To obtain best education in France you just need to follow few simple steps for which we provide you proper guidance. Just take one step towards your bright future with edudreams and reach your destination. Our experts guide you properly with each step of admission in France University, which includes registration, profiling, standardized tests, University & Course Selection, documentation, application review and submission, interview preparation and Visa counseling.

Exam for Studying

Students need to clear one or more exams to be eligible for best universities of France. Some of the main exams that are highly recommended for higher education in France are GRE, GMAT and SAT to English Language tests, such as TOEFL and IELTS. Our highly skilled professors will guide you how to prepare well for you exams and secure excellent marks.

Skill Shortages:

There are plenty of jobs available in the market, but because of skill shortage most of the people remain unemployed. But France took a step against this and tried to educate most of the students and to offer them work experience. And also it is noticed that France face a scarcity of skilled professionals. Therefore along with education France offers an excellent pathway for your professional life.